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To understand the patterns of biodiversity, we must consider symbiotic interactions, as they can shape animal evolution.


But what changes these symbioses? How to explain all this diversity? These are questions that intrigue me and that I love to study!

My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms that impact microbial communities, unraveling the role of ecology, diet, behavior, stage of development and also phylogeny of the host in these symbiotic interactions. To answer these questions, I use ants as a study model! In several ant genera symbiotic interactions with microbial communities have been shown to have profound impacts for the host. But more than that, ants have a wide distribution across the globe and an immense diversity of behaviors and ecology. Also, ants are fascinating!


In addition to focusing on studying microbiome of ants, I also advocate for a more diverse and inclusive scientific community. Quality science is done with a diverse group of scientists, with different backgrounds. Being an ally of Women in science, Parents in science, groups that seek inclusion in science and scientific dissemination are other passions that I am most proud and pleased to be part of. I believe that the world can be a better place with Science, and with all that power, Science should be for EVERYONE!