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I am a evolutionary biologist and Ph.D.  from Brazil at UNESP – Rio Claro. I am currently working in Brazil, but in 2018  June I will be in Chicago, IL, USA at Moreau Lab at the Field Museum of Natural History.

Symbiotic interactions are responsible for the evolution of animal diversity on the planet. To better understand the evolutionary significance of this association in nature, further studies addressing a diversity of hosts across locations and developmental stages are necessary. Ants of the genera Polyrhachis (spiny ants) and Camponotus (carpenter ants), members of the Camponotini tribe, have wide distributions, and are closely related. In adittion, they exhibit generalist diets and habits, and are often associated with endosymbionts. However there are limited studies in this area, so there are many remaining questions about these associations. In addition I am also interested in phylogeography, evolutionary diversification and taxonomy.

Furthermore I are interested in how we can use molecular methods, next-generation sequencing, confocal microscopy to address these questions.


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